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Welcome to Shiva Enterprises LLC

Welcome to Shiva Enterprises LLC

Welcome to Shiva Enterprises LLC Welcome to Shiva Enterprises LLC

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Tailored Services

Encouraging Growth

Tailored Services

Our services are as individual, as the clients we serve.



Encouraging Growth

Tailored Services

Shiva is a Colorado state approved service agency and we pride ourselves on the morals that the agency was founded on.


Encouraging Growth

Encouraging Growth

Encouraging Growth

An agency that encourages growth and independence.

We see abilities, not disabilities.

Services Provided


Residential Care

Shiva Enterprises offers Personal Care Alternative and Host Home services under Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS). 

Shiva provides staff to meet the needs of the persons in services as outlined in their service plan. Persons receiving services will be supported to help them reside in a community placement as independently as possible. Providers are trained according to Colorado State Standards and monitored by state over-sight agencies. 

Host Homes - Persons in services can choose a host home in the community with access to 24 hour care. 

Family Care Giver -  Persons in services can choose to stay with family with access to 24 hour care.

Apartment Supports - Persons in services can either live in their own home or apartment. A Provider would not reside in the home. 

We contract with host home providers and family care givers (see forms page for an application). 

Day Rehabilitation - Supported Community Connections (SCC)

Services will be provided to support the abilities and skills necessary to enable the persons in services to access typical activities and functions of community life, such as those chosen by the general population, including community education and/or training and volunteer activities. These services are intended to provide a wide variety of opportunities to facilitate and build relationships and natural supports in the community while utilizing the community as a learning environment to provide services and supports as outlined in the individual’s annual service plan. Shiva provides door to door transportation for day program.

Personal Care

Shiva will provide supports to assist individuals to accomplish tasks that they would complete without assistance if they did not have an intellectual or developmental disability.  Shiva providers can assist with scheduling  or reminders to attend routine appointments such as medical, dental and therapy appointments. Providers can also assist with money management skills, menu planning and grocery shopping. Providers may attend appointments to ensure the understanding of instructions, doctors orders, follow up appointments, diagnoses or ordered testing. Shiva is currently waiting on our Class B license so that we may provide hands on personal care in the individual's home.

Homemaker Basic Services

Services are provided in the individual’s home when their disability creates a higher volume of household tasks that are performed with more frequency than would be typical. These tasks would include; cleaning, completing laundry, completing basic household care, or maintenance within the primary residence and only in the areas of the home that the client utilizes. 

Homemaker Enhanced Services

These services are to perform extraordinary cleaning tasks in the persons in services primary residence in the areas they utilize. The need for extraordinary cleaning must be a result of the person’s behavioral or medical needs. Extraordinary cleaning are those tasks that are beyond routine sweeping, mopping or laundry. This is when additional cleaning and or sanitizing is needed due to the persons in services disability.

Other services provided include, direct training and instruction to the persons receiving services in performing basic household tasks including cleaning, laundry, and household care which may include enhanced prompting for the client.

Respite Services

Services provide respite on a short-term basis, because of the absence or need for relief of the primary caregiver. Respite can be provided in the clients place of residence, the private residence of the respite care provider, or in the community. Service is provided one-on-one.

Individual Hourly Respite – Hourly respite applies to any respite service that lasts less than 10 hours in a 24 hours period

Individual Day Respite –cumulatively more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period.

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